March 2020: Short Story with Otherworld Theatre goes live!

In January of this year I had a delightful experience participating in the Gateways podcast, by Otherworld Theatre Company. Otherworld Theatre produces original speculative fiction and for their Gateways series, writers are given a prompt and must create a short story in five days to be read in front of a live audience. I really enjoyed the adrenaline challenge of writing a piece so quickly, there’s something freeing about doing something short on a short deadline rather than a long piece over a long period of time. It’s like doing a sprint or a quick sketch over a marathon or a mural.
My piece, “Indirect Transmission” was performed by the talented Rob and Molly Southgate. Here’s a link to the performance. If you are in Chicago and enjoy speculative fiction and live theatre, I highly recommend checking out Otherworld Theatre.