The Labyrinth and the Thread Podcast

How do you create while dealing with depression, grief, addiction, anxiety, or other mental health issues? When trying to create and stay well feels like walking through a labyrinth, how to do you find your way?

My favorite story about finding your way is the Labyrinth of Minos in Greek mythology. In the myth, a hero navigates through a maze—the Labyrinth—by unrolling and following a thread secretly given to him. Navigating uncertainty is about figuring out which threads to follow.

The Labyrinth and the Thread podcast is a series of conversations with people who love to create things and have experience dealing with mental health issues. We talk about how works, what doesn’t, and which threads they’ve followed. Listen on our website, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or Pocket Casts.

Original art by Dann Tincher at https://danntincher.<wbr></wbr>