March 2020: Short Story with Otherworld Theatre goes live!

In January of this year I had a delightful experience participating in the Gateways podcast, by Otherworld Theatre Company. Otherworld Theatre produces original speculative fiction and for their Gateways series, writers are given a prompt and must create a short story in five days to be read in front of a live audience. I really enjoyed the adrenaline challenge of writing a piece so quickly, there’s something freeing about doing something short on a short deadline rather than a long piece over a long period of time. It’s like doing a sprint or a quick sketch over a marathon or a mural.
My piece, “Indirect Transmission” was performed by the talented Rob and Molly Southgate. Here’s a link to the performance. If you are in Chicago and enjoy speculative fiction and live theatre, I highly recommend checking out Otherworld Theatre.

February 2019: New publication

Hang in there, friends! We are almost through February!

This month I published an article with the South Side Weekly on a new community health clinic in Chicago. I’ve been a fan of the South Side Weekly for many years and I’m excited to be a contributor.

While researching and writing this article, I used several of the journalism resources offered by Solutions Journalism Network. The network trains journalists to cover how people are responding to problems, in addition to covering the problem itself. The goal isn’t to provide “feel-good” material, but to responsibly and accurately report the many ways people and institutions are trying to solve problems—successful or not. If you write about responses to problems, whether as a journalist, analyst, etc. I recommend their training materials.

New Short Story Out at Metaphorosis Magazine…

metaphorosis_2016-10-313x500Metaphorosis Magazine just published my short story “Shine” today.  It’s about moonshine runners, Appalachian folklore,  finding your creative spark again….and a lot more.

One of the most fun parts of writing this piece was researching Appalachian ballads and writing one myself.  Also, interviewing a professional distiller to get my facts about whiskey-making right!

You can read the story here and my interview with Metaphorosis Magazine here.