I’m back! New site update and announcements…

Hello dear readers,

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from social media and this website since summer 2017. There are two primary reasons for this:

  1. Refocused time:  My organization is in the last phase of our fundraising campaign, which has meant that our prospect research shop is really cooking with gas, as old-timey jazz musicians used to say.  In addition, I got a promotion (hooray!) and have been taking on more responsibilities in internal communications and research ethics–including working on GDPR compliance.   We’ve also been short-staffed until recently when we brought on three fantastic researchers to our team.  These are all exciting things, but it has meant that I’ve needed to focus my energy on my job at the University of Chicago and my daily work (such as internal policymaking/ethics/communication issues) has involved internal confidential information that would not be appropriate for me to discuss publicly (but I hope to present some case studies in the future!).
  2. Widened audience:  I’ve had several new publications and public speaking opportunities in 2017, which is also exciting–but it means that having both my creative writing life and my prospect research life on the same web and social media platform is starting to not make sense anymore.  It’s been difficult to balance the two, so I took some time to think about next steps.

Which brings me to…next steps!

Hooray splits!

I’ve decided to split off my prospect research content into a new website.  Going forward, my author’s website will be www.ameliaaldred.com and the posts will focus on storytelling, upcoming appearances, and publications.  My prospect research website will be www.thephilanthropologist.com and the monthly posts will focus especially on culture and philanthropy and include guest contributors. On the same note, on Twitter @ameliaaldred will be devoted to creative writing content (and other media shouting) while my new account  @AnthroPhil will be devoted to prospect research content. The list of prospect research resources on ameliaaldred.com has been migrated (and updated!) to thephilanthropologist.com.  Fellow nonprofit professionals can check out the first blog post now!

I’ve enjoyed interacting with all of you at readings, conferences, and online and I’m excited about these new ways of connecting with folks.

Best wishes, Amelia