MA Social Sciences (2009)                                        University of Chicago

BA Sociology/Anthropology (2005)                                    Earlham College

Certificate in Grant-Writing (2012)                                    DePaul University

Writing and Research Experience

 Research Analyst

 University of Chicago (2012-Present)

  • Identifies prospective donors to the University, using news alerts, predictive modeling, gift reports.
  • Compiles financial and biographical profile of donors, using publicly available data.
  • Specializes in international research, analyzes and writes briefings on international philanthropic and economic trends.

Graduate Student Researcher

University of Chicago Survey Lab (2009)

  • Wrote and administered survey with research team on health care practices.
  • Analyzed data from surveys, prepared report for stakeholders on results.

Oral History Intern

Museo de Morelos (2004)

  • Conducted interviews in Spanish with women aged 18-50 in rural Mexico
  • Transcribed and translated interviews.
  • Prepared bilingual report for museum staff.

Education Intern

Field Museum (2008)

  • Prepared report on potential partnerships between colleges and the museum, including benefits for female and minority student populations and increased access to scientific equipment and curricula.
  • Compiled and assessed information on NASA and Field Museum curriculum for grant-writing project.

Non-Profit Programming Experience


Museum of Science and Industry (2010-2012)

  • Oversaw the check in of up to 5,000 students daily at the field trip center.
  • Supervised 24 staff members and volunteers during daily operations and events.
  • Responded to daily email traffic regarding field trip reservations and events.
  • Develops research project on field trip operations and guest satisfaction.

Programming Consultant

Morris Butler Museum (2009-Present)

  • Developed and ran interactive program for museum guests, focusing on local history and the museum collection.
  • Evaluated participants’ experiences with museum staff using written surveys.
  • Fielded questions from museum staff, volunteers, and event participants.

Education Intern

Oriental Institute Museum (2008-2009)

  • Conducted outreach events with the education staff, presented information about family events, educational programs, and volunteering at city events.
  • Set up and facilitated educational programs at the museum.
  • Evaluated new programs with based on participant surveys.

Other Skills

Languages: Spanish (high reading comprehension/conversation/writing)

Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Advance, atlas.ti